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Customer acknowledges that the information that is shared with Tesetturhome is personally owned and that such information may be shared with other entities in Tesetturhome to ensure that sales and marketing activities are carried out and that appropriate communication with any communication tool is provided . Tesetturhome does not use or sell the information it collects from its membership form for commercial purposes for any reason other than business in strictly sharing with third parties without the prior notice or otherwise.
Tesetturhome analyzes and interprets the visitors movements and preferences which he or she sees during the use of the site in addition to the personal information requested in e-maila addresses and membership forms.This statistical data which does not contain any person information can be shared with Tesetturhome partners in order to provide a more specific and effective shopping experience for customers.
Customer information may only be disclosed to the authorities when such information is requested by official authorities and when it is necessary to make an announcement to the authorities in acoordance with the provisions of the applicable statutory legislation .All information entered by the cusomer into the system can be changed by the customer . İt is not possible for someone else to access this information and change it . Tesetturhome is not resposible for the fact that the memebers address and password are known by a third party and the membership is being used . is asking you for some personal information (name age interests email etc ) to better serve our costumer . This information gathered on Tesseturhome computers is stored and used for the purpose of continuing the advertisement promotion and marketing activities to be formed through periodic can paign studies customer " classification " for the formation of special promotional activities for customer profiles and the trans mission of unsolicited e-mail and personal information . Customer should click on the link "Please click here if you do not want to be informed about the camaign announcement " at the bottom of the mail sent from Tesetturhome or would like to receive e-mail about the campaign announcements in the membership information of the user account . İ want to receive SMS : " İ can get easily and free from the daily commercial messaging list by removing the  İ want to be notified about campaign announcements " . Sign or by the routing link in the content of the sent SMS 

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