Return Process


İf you would like to return it for any reason please contact us by calling - +90 544 663 17 63  or by returning the product return from on our website ate you need to fill in an account . As a product proposal and amendment conditions the applications required by the Law No 4077 on counsumer protection are essential. 

Evening Dress products return provess only if the product is cargoed to be reutrned to us on the same day in case of exeeding the related period the refund can not be performed . 

The shipping fee for the products you send to with the request of return belong to the customer . The end result of the use of the product you are returning is undamaged and the resaleability feature should be intact . 

Refundable products No returns available . The shipping fee for the products you send to with the request of exchange belongs to the customer . Unosed porducts are accepted if sent within 3 business day . 

- Customes and İmport Tax

İn case of encountering customs and import duties in all foreign shipments customs and import taxes belong to the buyer . Your products are shipped with DHL express world wide and customs issues are sent to you with a gift or sample in the desription section for your life . Rarely there is a possibility that packages sent abroad will be subject to customs in the country where they are going . İn this case the customs officers will contact you to let you know what you need to do to get your package . 

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