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- Miscellaneous Sales Agreement - 
İşbu contract is regulated in accordance with the regulation on principles and procedures of distance contracts published in the official  newspaper  dated 13.06.2003 and membered 25137 in order to fulfill the contract for sales made on the internet and is as follows . 

- Article 1 - Subject - 

The subject of this contract covers the rights and obligations of the parties in accordance with the provisions of the regulation on the principles and prodcedures on implementation of the law on the protection of consumers  - No 4077 concerning the sale and delivery of the products whose sales and sales prices are indicated below . 

- Article 2 - Seller information - 


- Article 2.2 - Purchaser İnfromation 

The customer is a member of www.tesetturhome.com shopping mall . Address and contact information used while members shall prevail .

- Article 3 - Consutting Product İnformation - 

İt consists of the type of goods / products / service type / quantity / brand / model / color / adedi / sales price / payment type and the order is finished .

- Article 4 - General Provisions - 

4.1 - Purchaser Declares that the buyer has read and understood all the preliminary information regarding the basic charecteristics of the contractual products or products specified in the contract sales price and payment method and delivery and gives the necessary confirmaton in electronic environment . 

4.2 - Countractual products or products shall be delivered to the purchaser or the person organizatoion indicated in the preliminary information within the period specified in the preliminary information depending on the distance  of  the purchasers settlement place for each product not exceeding the legal 30 day period . This period may be extended by a maximum of 10 days provided that the purchaser is notified before hand .

4.3 - The seller shall not be held responsible if the person to be delivered does not accept delivery if the contract item is to be delivered to the person other than the purchaser .

4.4 - The seller is responsible for delivering the contracted product in a robust ,  complete and orderly manner  . 

4.5 - For and the price must be paid in the form of payment preferred by the payer . İf for any reason the product is not paid for or is canceled in bank records the seller shall be deemed to be free from the obligation to deliver the product . 

4.6 - İn case the bank or financial in situation can not pay the price of the bank or financial  in situation related to the reason that the credit card belonging to the buyer is used unauthorizedly or unlawfully against the unauthorized persons due to the fault ot the buyer after delivery of the product the buyer shall within 3 days it is obligatory to send it . İn this case shipping costs belong to the buyer .

4.7 - The supplier is obliged to notify the pruchaser if it can not deliver withing the term of the contracutal product due to force majeure reasons or weather dispute preveting air transporation disconnection of transportation . in this case the pruchaser may use one of the right to cancel the order to replace it with the contractual product and or to postpone the delivery until the removal of the obstacle . İn the event of the cancellation of the oreder by the purchaser the amount , the amount paid shall be paid to him / her in cash within 10 days . 

4.8 - This contract will be validated by the purchaser at the time of acceptance . The purchaser shall have  the right to withdraw within 7 days from the delivery of the contractual proudct to the person himself / herself or to the person / organization indicated . İn order to use the right of withdrawal , the seller must be notified by fax , email or telephone within this period and the product has no been used within the frame work of the provisions of the relevant of the invoice is accompained by the example of the cargo delivery log which is sent to the 3rd person or to the seller of the product delivered to the purcshaser .  Within 10 days of receipt of these documents the product is returned to the buyer . İf the invoice is not sent orginaly , VAT and another legal obligation can not be returned . 
The product returned fro the reason of withrdawal ( shall ) be borne by the purchaser with the cargo price . İf payment is made with a credit cart or similar payment card the consumer may request that the payment transaction be canceled on the ground that the card is used outside of its own time and against the law . İn this case the card issuing institution will return the payment amount to the consumer within 10 days of the notification of the dispute it self . 
Consumer arbitration committees as well as the consumer tribunals in the settlement of the seller are authorized for the implementation of this contract  by the value declared by the Ministry Of İndustry And Trade . 
İn the event of an order being concluded the TENDER will be demed to have accepted all the terms of this contract . 


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